maandag 9 mei 2011


Dean Motoyama heeft op zijn prachtige WAB Corner deze Victrix Highlanders geplaatst. Die zouden niet misstaan in ons project. In 1799 vochten de Camerons (79e) en de Gordons (92e) in Noord-Holland.

Dean Motoyama put these Victrix Highlanders on his inspiring WAB Corner blog. Both Camerons (79th) and Gordons (92nd) fought in North-Holland in 1799, so these beautiful figures would be a welcome addition to our project.

4 opmerkingen:

mekelnborg zei

Do they fit alongside the 1/72?

Mats Elzinga zei

Alas, they're 28mm. They would look rather odd alongside the 20mm 1/72. Would love to see those by the way!

Rampjaar zei

I already have some Scots, bought them in Antwerp, to join the rest of my Allied 28mm force. BTWm we're not doing this in 1/72 Herr Kollege Mekelnborg, all in the one true scale...

mekelnborg zei


That means my whole vast project of 1/72 since at least February, all my blog posts, joining forums, fifty bottles of paint, one thousand figures in three periods partially painted, and all my plans

are in the wrong scale??!!

Ha! The whole vast undertaking was inspired by the conversion of the bicorne French to good Bataafsen here on Brigade Daendels.

I must have misinterpreted that post, but that was what got me to start thinking of the plastic again, instead of two years only thinking about 2mm metal.

Well, I would not change it now. Probably my Lilliputians can move faster. Good inspiration.