dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Chasseurs à cheval (3)

De gesneefde chasseurs à cheval heb ik weer opgelapt en staan op mijn schildertafel. "Les Uniformes de l'Armée Française" van Lienhart en Humbert toont ook hun standaard (cavalerievaandel) ontwerp uit 1793. Of de eskadrons chasseurs standaards mee hadden tijdens hun veldtocht in de Bataafse Republiek weet ik niet.

My damaged chasseurs à cheval have been repaired and are on my painting table. Lienhart and Humbert's "Les Uniformes de l'Armée Française" offers a 1793 chasseur standard design. I don't know if the chasseurs carried their standards during the 1799 campaign.

2 opmerkingen:

mekelnborg zei

Were they damaged in the 'kaput' incident?

What is a Sumpfmuster 44? If I have those on my 1/72 plastic figures I'll probably just use some contrasting color.

Your picture inspired me to paint about 400 Airfix and Imex, but for the 1770s-80s, a little earlier than yours. I will get more, but the store is closed Sunday. Maybe tomorrow.

Mats Elzinga zei

@mekelnborg: yes, they were badly damaged in the incident: broken limbs, missing heads, damaged pieces of equipment, etc. But all figures have been restored and are in good order now!

Sumpfmuster 44 is a WW2 German camouflage scheme. More info can be found here: http://www.artizandesigns.com/guides/germanpatterns.pdf

I hope to see some pictures of your painted figs soon!